Viewpoints in Japan

Previously when people thought in Japan they only thought in the most prominent locations in the cities of Tokyo and Kyoto, essential destinations in a trip to Japan. But now, people know that there are many other interesting places in Japanese lands.

Nigatsu-do, Nara

The views from the Nigatsu-do viewpoint in Nara can be seen in the main image of this entrance. From this temple, you can see the Todai-ji, an extraordinary landscape and the city of Nara. It is reached through a short uphill path that starts at the usual Daibutsu-den exit. The ascent is worthwhile for the spectacular view that the place offers, especially at sunset.

Mount Misen, in Miyajima

The enchanting island of Miyajima also has its own particular natural observatory. It is Mount Misen, 530 meters high. It is said that the ascent to the summit is the best walk on the island, but there are also stretches that can be covered by cable car (around the station, you can also see some of the island’s animal inhabitants such as deer and monkeys). From the top, there are incredible views.

Mount Misen, in Miyajima

Mount Sosha

Visiting the Engyō-ji temple complex on Mount Shosha will not only give us the experience of living closely the communion between religion and nature in Japan; it will also give us a beautiful view of the city of Himeji. The ascent to this mountain we initiate it through a cable car and the rest of the way, that is done on foot, offers us, through different clearings that we are finding, a vision from the heights of this small city, famous for its castle, of which we speak to you in this previous entrance.

The Sapporo TV Tower

And we continued our tour of viewpoints with the best views of Japan in Hokkaido. Specifically, we look at the capital, Sapporo, where the TV Tower is famous, with a style that imitates the Eiffel Tower in Paris. There, at a height of 90 meters, you can see the city with its mountains in the background. In addition, the observatory is circular, allowing 360-degree views.

Osaka Waterwheel

Osaka is a fast-paced city. Not in vain is the third largest in Japan. In it, we find a wide variety of possibilities that we commented to you in our guide of Osaka. But, above all, what cannot be missed is the opportunity to see the city from the heights, on the back of the red Ferris wheel that we found in the area of Umeda, in the shopping center HEP Five. In addition to enjoying a 360º panoramic view of the city, you will live the experience of being 106 meters above the ground, flying in one of the charming gondolas. The tour lasts approximately fifteen minutes.

Yokohama Waterwheel

From one Ferris wheel to another. As you can see when touring Japan, it is a popular attraction in Japanese cities. Yokohama, which is a very international and cosmopolitan place, could not fail to offer its inhabitants and visitors the opportunity to contemplate it from the heights. The Cosmo Clock 21 (name of the Ferris wheel) is located inside the Cosmo World amusement park and when it was built it was the highest Ferris wheel in the world. In 1992 it was replaced by another in Shiga, which is half a metre higher (107.5 and 108 metres, respectively).

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