Trump meets Emperor Naruhito in Tokyo

We would like to inform you that the president of the United States, Donald Trump, met this Monday 27th May with Emperor Naruhito in Tokyo, Japan. It is the first meeting between the head of state and the new Japanese emperor in Japan’s capital.

The leader has visited the country with the American First Lady, Melania Trump. The Emperor and Empress Masako have welcomed them to the ceremony held at the Imperial Palace.

Trump said: “It’s been over 200 years since something like this happened. It is a great honor to represent the United States”. Trump plans to spend four days in the country, where he will meet Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. Both are expected to address trade and regional issues, including the situation in North Korea.

Trump has threatened to impose high tariffs on Japanese automakers as part of an effort to reduce trade surpluses with other countries, something he sees as a sign that the United States has been treated unfairly.

Tokyo and Washington are seeking a bilateral trade agreement, but the president has indicated that he does not expect much progress until July.

Naruhito emperor

Naruhito’s coronation came on May 1st, 2019 after his father, Emperor Akihito, renounced the throne. It was the first abdication recorded in Japan in two centuries.

Naruhito became heir to the throne in January 1989 after the death of his grandfather, Emperor Hirohito, officially taking up the position of Crown Prince in February 1991.

Two years later Naruhito attracted world attention when the Imperial Palace announced its long-awaited commitment to Masako Owada, a career diplomat graduated from Harvard University.

Naruhito and Masako have a 17-year-old daughter, Princess Aiko. However, under the Japanese Imperial Household Law, Aiko cannot succeed her father to the throne.

Finally, we recommend you to visit Japan and discover the culture.