Tokyo, the safest city in the world!

We would like to inform you that The Economist affirm that Tokyo is the safest city in the world. They have decided to publish this report due to they have measured digital security, health and personal, as well as the quality of infrastructure in different cities around the world.

Why is Tokyo the safest city?

The Japanese capital is the first safest city in the world since 2015. This is mainly to its low crime rate. In fact, there have been no terrorist attacks.

However, respect personal security, Tokyo drops to fourth place. It is because is one of the areas most exposed to major earthquakes. Fortunately, in recent years it has developed really good infrastructures and action plans.

Tourism in Tokyo

It is necessary to talk about the part of its charm lies in the contrast between modern, busy neighborhoods and the century-old temples, such as Meiji in Shibuya. In this neighborhood, you can visit the statue of Hachiko or go shopping in its malls.

Other tourist possibilities in Tokyo are to taste the delicious sushi in some establishment of the market of Tsukiji or to accede to the interior of the temple Sensoji, the oldest Buddhist temple of the city.

Certainly, one of the most unique visits you can make in Tokyo is to stroll through the Akihabara neighborhood, which is full of comic shops and electronics centres.

Another option is to visit its museums. The Tokyo National Museum is the largest and oldest in Japan. And in the Museum of Science and Innovation, you will be able to experience the latest scientific news.

In conclusion, we recommend you to visit without fear Japan and feel you safe during your stay.