Takayama, a popular destination!

Everyone knows that Takayama is an impressive place.

Discover below the features of this fantastic place!

What to see and do in Takayama?

The city of Takayama is located in the mountainous region of Hida, in Japan. It is in the Japanese Alps and boasts unparalleled beauty. Certainly, we recommend you to visit Takayama, a popular destination!

Also, the city offers traditional accommodation, sake wineries, temples and wooden shrines and an spectacular old town full of houses from the Edo period.

Next, we give you some adivices and recommendations about what to visit in Takayama.

  1. First of all, it is essential to walk through Sanmachi Suji, the old town. This area preserves Edo period houses that currently function as museums, art galleries, craft shops or coffee shops.
  2. Visit the Hida Kokubun-ji temple, one of the oldest in the city.
  3. You must enter one of the old houses of the Edo period. For example: the house of the Kusakabe family or the Yoshijima family.
  4. Visit the former Takayama Jinya government office in the Edo period.
  5. Visit one of the sake factories.
  6. Cross some of the bridges that cross the Miyagawa River, such as the reddish Nakabashi Bridge.
  7. Visit the Sakurayama Hachimangu shrine.
  8. Taste Hida meat.
  9. Take a walk through the stalls of the morning markets or Asaichi of Takayama, which are held every day in the square near the Takayama shrine and along the eastern margin of the Miyagawa River between the Kaiji and Yayoi bridges.
  10. Staying in a ryƍkan or traditional Japanese accommodation.

What to eat in Takayama?

Takayama has a wide variety of restaurants and street food stalls where we can try local specialties such as Hida meat, hobo miso or chuka soba.

Where to stay in Takayama?

Takayama is a small city but very touristy, so there is plenty of accommodation. For this reason, we recommend some places: the Oyado Koto no Yume, the Ryokan Asunaro, the Wat Hotel & Spa Hida Takayama or the Hida Hotel Plaza. Also, there are other good options.

Finally, we hope the article “Takayama a popular destination!” has been interesting for you. If you decide to visit the city, do not forget you will need a Japan travel visa to enter the country.