The rape and machismo in Japan

Japan has always been known for its highly educated population. Unfortunately, sometimes they publish news about the rape and machismo in Japan.

The docile and submissive woman

Firstly, we are going to talk about the macho culture. Japanese society usually values the image of the docile and submissive woman. Also, even though many companies claim to promote equality.

In addition, in the field of relationships, there is still a clear division of roles. Men continue to be the main financial providers and women continue to do domestic tasks.

Pornography, fetishes and hentai

Frequently pornography is a concept associated with male behavior. At this point, Japanese culture is known for its erotic drawings. For example the hentai, manga or games. In these drawings, the female submission is a fetish.

Activists complain that in Japan they teach victims how to behave and defend themselves. Anyway, they do not do the same with men to stop abusing women and children. Moreover, the unequal power relationship between men and women often reinforces the idea that the sexual act is the right of men.

The silence of victims

It is a fact that the culture of rape is taboo. Public opinion of Japanese society often turns against the victims reinforcing the idea “to be considered a rape the victim must be physically fought”.

In conclusion, it is unacceptable to think that dignity can be violated and without the possibility of exercising justice. It is necessary that there be changes in the way of thinking.

It is essential to talk about this and face the culture of rape in an honest way, far from the taboos.

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We hope you have learned something more after reading this article.