35 people die in Kyoto Animation Studios fire

We would like to inform you about the misfortune that occurred in Kyoto. Two weeks ago a fire broke out in the Kyoto Animation Studios. Unfortunately, the number of deaths increases. Now, there are a total of 35 people died.

After the investigation and the inspections in the suspect’s house, the professionals found materials produced and manufactured in the study. For this reason, he is directly related to the study.

The police have identified the suspect and his name is Shinji Aoba. He was previously sentenced in 2012 to three and a half years in prision for robbing a store in Chiba prefecture. In addition, after leaving prison, he received treatment for mental illness.

How did the fire develop?

The fire started when Aoba entered with a cart with a bucket of gasoline to the entrance of the building. Then, he poured the contents on the ground and set fire to the cry of “morĂ­os”.

Finally, Aoba immediately confessed his crime to the police. He confirmed that he had started the fire because he believed that the studio had stolen his novel.

Unfortunately, the fire immediately spread throughout the building where 73 people worked. Only seven people were able to escape unharmed.

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