Marunouchi neighbourhood, Tokyo

We want to present to you the Marunouchi neighborhood, Tokyo (Japan), one of the essential neighborhoods. See below our recommendations about what to see and what to do in this place.

How to get to Marunochi neighborhood?

Marunochi is the neighborhood between Tokyo Station and the Imperial Palace.

Firstly, in order to get there, you have to get off in Tokyo: Marunouchi Line Stop M17. Then, you can book an unlimited metro pass for 24, 48 and 72 hours to all Tokyo metro and Toei metro lines.

Where to sleep?

  • Tokyo Ekimae (capsule hotel). The hotel has a simple decoration and lighting; the capsule has very good equipment (tv with control, radio, headphones and alarm clock); in the locker, there is a bag with towel, pajamas and pantyhose.
  • Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi. It has breathtaking views of Tokyo and an unbeatable location just above Tokyo station.
  • Ryumeikan Tokyo Hotel. It’s a business hotel and it’s located near the Ginza neighborhood and the Imperial Palace. There are plenty of restaurants to eat and dine in the vicinity.

Anyway, in this country, you can find many other good options.

What about the internet?

We inform you that if you want to have access to the Internet during the trip through Japan, there are several options to be able to contract prior to your arrival. We assure you the most practical solution:

  • Rent a portable router with unlimited WIFI. You can connect up to 10 devices at a time and have shipping service to your hotel or the ability to pick up the router in Harajuku. With this other option, you have WIFI 4G LTE all over Japan through a pocket router connected to the Softbank network.
  • Prepaid sim card for 7 or 15 days. In this case, you don’t have to return it and when you leave you can take it with you.

Different places to visit

Tokyo Station

If you want to go to the Tokyo Station, you will have to take the Tokyo JR Line or M17 Subway Station.

It is declared Cultural Heritage, they call it “the Great Station”. Inside you’ll find plenty of restaurants and shopping in areas called Central Street, GranSta, Keiyo Street and Ramen Street.

Kitte Garden

In addition, next to Tokyo Station you will find the Kitte Garden. Certainly, one thing you can’t miss is its rooftop garden with incredible views of Tokyo Station and the surrounding skyscrapers.

Imperial Palace of Tokyo

The Imperial Palace is next to Nijubashi C10 station or Hibiya station, both subway I8, C09 and H07.

A different option is to cycle through the historic centre with a guided tour of the Imperial Palace, where the Japanese Emperor resides.

Also, very close to Tokyo Station, it is the official residence of the Japanese imperial family. Part of the Palace is open to the public, such as the Parque Este and the famous bridge in front of the main entrance.

Marounochi Brick Square

We inform you that on your way back from the Imperial Palace in the direction of Tokyo Station you will pass this place. You will easily identify it because it looks like a Victorian English house.

Tokyo International Forum

Finally, the last place is next to Yurakucho station on JR line or Y18 metro line. It is a futuristic glass building with unique architecture. It is a complex in which there are exhibitions, concerts, etc.

Now you have a lot of information to enjoy Tokyo. All you have to do now is to organize this beautiful trip!