Line is more popular than Facebook in Japan

Currently, social networks are essential for all users around the world, but in Japan, it is the opposite.

Only 5.5% of Japanese people are active on Facebook according to a 2018 survey. Including passive users who access Facebook only to view other people’s messages, the total amounts to only 33%. Nearly 70% of respondents said they never or rarely entered Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Only Line, a Japanese messaging application, was revealed as a social network.

In contrast, in America, five out of six are Facebook users. There is also a clear difference in the furor caused by Instagram in both countries.

Social media

Social networks use

Sites like Facebook may have some socially beneficial aspects. They have been used, for example, to send messages of encouragement to the Japanese swimmer Ikee Rikako in her fight against leukemia.

However, they have also proved to be a double-edged sword. According to the 2018 White Paper on information and communications, 23.2% of users who have written messages on these sites have experienced some kind of problem, such as misinterpretation of a message, discussions on the web, or having hurt the feelings of another user.

In addition, many of the people who register on Facebook end up using this social network.
A housewife in her sixties said she found it hard to express her feelings to her Facebook “friends”, as there are very different people among them. In her opinion, it is better to interact on the net with people who share the same interests through blogs. An employee of a company doesn’t understand what’s so interesting about writing messages to people indiscriminately. He also pointed out that during work he spends all his time looking at his computer screen, so he prefers to rest in his spare time.

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