Kanji of 2018!

As every year in Japan, the Kanji Aptitude Examination Foundation conducts a public vote to determine the Kanji that best represents the events that occurred in Japan during the year. “Disaster”, chosen as kanji of 2018!

In the ceremony, people vote the kanji. This is celebrated every December 12 at the great Kiyomizudera Temple in Kyoto.

Today was that big day. The votes took place. As usual, Seihan Mori, the main priest of the temple, drew live the kanji that people chose for this year with a big calligraphy brush on a large rice paper. Meanwhile, the media expected an intriguing result.

Finally, they announced the result. With 20,858 votes, the kanji representing 2018 is 災 (disaster), which can be read as “Sai” or “Wazawai“.
Undoubtedly, this choice is due to the number of natural disasters such as heat waves, floods, earthquakes and typhoons that affected Japan this year.

Then, we will see what will be the kanji chosen for 2019.
Let’s hope it is one with a more positive meaning!