Japan wants to dominate football worldwide

First of all, we want to inform you that Japan wants to dominate football worldwide and win the World Cup 2050 with its star players Hiroki Abe and Takefusa Kubo.

Currently, Hiroki Abe, the young talent of Kashima Antlers has signed for the FC Barcelona, and Takefusa Kubo is doing the preseason with Real Madrid. They are part of the ambitious plan with which Japan aims to win the FIFA World Cup.

The rise of Japanese football

These two japanese football players confirm the rise of Japanese football. Certainly, its presence in European leagues is increasing considerably in recent years.

The president of the J-League, Mitsuru Murai, has confirmed that the main objective of Japan is to build a team capable of winning the competition in 2050 and to consolidate its own ligue able to compete with European leagues.

On the other hand, the signings of stars Fernando Torres, David Villa and Andrés Iniesta are also part of the growth strategy of Japanese football.

In addition, the J-League has created a programme to develop national talent. All clubs participating in the competition are obliged to develop their own players. After that, the first team must always field at least two junior players and one under 21 years of age.

Thinking about a promising future

The president of the J-League said that they want to become the fourth world league in 2030.

Also, the good work of Japanese grassroots football has also resulted in a greater presence in the five major European leagues. This development can be seen in the 14 Japanese players currently playing in the top competitions of continental football: the Bundesliga; La Liga; the Premier League; and the French League.

In conclusion, it is a fact that Japan wants to dominate football worldwide. They have a very clear and definite idea of their future.

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