Japan Visa for citizens of Saudi Arabia

There are nearly 31 million tourists that visit Japan each year, and if you are from Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, or one of 68 countries, you will be given a visa on demand at the airport. However, for the rest of the countries, including Saudia Arabia, if you wish to visit Japan, you’ll need to obtain a temporary Japan travel VISA, which will allow you to visit for sightseeing for a maximum of 90 days.

Certainly, from 2020 there will be a new requirement as Japan will demand an eVisa to enter the territory.

eVisa Japan

Do saudi citizens need a VISA for Japan?

The answer is yes, everyone who is not a citizen of Japan who lives in Saudi Arabia needs a visa to come to Japan. Travellers coming to Japan to attend conferences, sign contracts, generate business or do after-sale service need a business visa, while a transit visa is required if you need to stop in Japan on the way to another country (assuming you are not from one of the 68 exempt countries.) Naturally, there are also long term visas for foreign workers, those in highly skilled professions, visas for the children of Japanese passport holders, diplomatic visas and workers for internationally recognized agencies, but the vast majority of visas are short term travel related.

Japan VISA requirements for saudi citizens

Japan VISA for Saudi Arabia citizens, with an emphasis on sightseeing. Currently, no matter which country you live in, if your not from one of the 68 countries that are exempt, you need to apply for a visa from the Japanese Consulate in your country, which in the case of Saudi Arabia is located in the diplomatic quarter in Riyad.

Generally, provided you have no criminal background, have a valid Saudi passport, 2 blank pages in their passport, have a certified copy of their birth certificate, pay the application fee, and have proof of travel plans.

Of note is that while citizens of most countries, including Saudi Arabia must currently apply through their respective embassies for a short-term travel visa,
Japan is gradually rolling out an online VISA application form, and when the system is fully operational in 2020, Saudi Arabia is expected to be on the list of countries in which you can make an online application.

Based on the current online VISAs for citizens of China only, the expected requirements for the online VISA will require the prospective visitor to:

  • Provide their name and surname as listed on their passport
  • Date of birth and place of birth
  • Their gender
  • Their marital status
  • Current citizenship as well as previous citizenships from other countries
  • All of their passport details, such as a passport number, date of issue, date of expiration
  • Purpose of the visit
  • Planned stay in Japan
  • The date of arrival and expected departure
  • The port of entry and the airline or boat that will bring you to Japan
  • The names and addresses of the hotels you will be staying with, or the family or friends you will staying with

Also, you will be asked about special security questions, such as:

  • Crimes or misdemeanors you have been convicted of, and which countries.
  • Prison sentences for more than a year in any country.
  • Any expelled instances of counApplication ttries for visa violations or criminal activities.
  • Details about drug convictions.
  • Prostitution arrests and human trafficking concerns.

Japan VISA application form for Saudi Arabia

In order to apply currently, through the Riyad Embassy, you need:

  • One application Form Visa Application to Visit Japan
  • One photograph, passport-type photo, pasted to the application
  • Round trip fight information
  • Copy of your accommodation booking
  • Documents proving you are fiscally stable such as bank statements for the last
    three months or a certificate of employment.

In conclusion, we have informed you about a lot of things, but it is necessary to advise you that from 2020 you will need an eVisa to enter Japan. It is important to inform you because it will be a mandatory authorization.