Japan VISA for Pakistanis

Going from Pakistan to Japan can be an amazing trip but planning to spend more time than a few months in Japan and you’re travelling from another country may require a visa application to be submitted and a lot of documentation to show the intent of your visit. This is very true when travelling from Pakistan as well. 

Pakistani citizens have a different set of application documents and rules. So, it helps to start your application early if you are planning a trip to Japan that is more than 3 months within 180 days. Review the guidelines for getting a visa to travel to Japan as they are different from visiting the Schengen area. If you are a perm/temp resident, then applying for a visa works the same as a citizen. If this is not the case, then a separate application needs to be submitted. After completion of your visa application and a recent photo has been taken, then find your valid passport. In the event that you do not have a passport, or it is not valid, do work on that before signing your visa application. 

eVisa Japan

Do pakistan citizens need a VISA for Japan?

For any extended stay that is over 90 days long, a japanese visa is needed. If travelling for 3 months or less in a span of 180 days a visa is not required for travel, or you may apply for a temp visa if you are visiting relatives/ friends. Visas apply to those that are students, only for transits, and business travels needs. Already have a visa in Pakistan? Then you will need to apply for Japan visa and write a letter of travel intent to obtain a visa to Japan. Residency cardholders living in Pakistan are not exempt due to not being citizens. Specify if you will need a short term or long-term visa on your application. The short terms consist of visiting relatives or friends or a transit which means passing through Japan to another country and trips that are 90 days or less. Long terms are for government officials, business trips that require more than 90 days and leisure trips. 

Keep in mind these requirements will change in the near future (2020), so you will need to apply for an eVisa to enter Japan.

Japan VISA requirements for pakistani citizens

The requirements are a bit longer – for good reason – than other countries when going to Japan from Pakistan but having a third-party as a guide can help with the overwhelming feeling. What you need to provide in order to apply is listed below. More information may be asked of you. If you can get it sent over right away, that is great. It can be a part of the process sometimes for security measures. Once you are notified that you need to send more information, don’t wait to resubmit the documents. A delay is plausible, but it should not affect your trip. Do be aware that an exact process and delivery time beyond the for the standard 5 to 7 business days is not guaranteed. To start a Japanese visa the requirements are: 

  1. A valid Pakistani passport – double check that there is a blank page for a stamp and another blank page.
  2. A signed Pakistani visa application form.
  3. A photograph that is 4.5 cm x 4.5 cm.
  4. Copy of CNIC.
  5. Prove that you can afford your trip.
  6. Documents of those you are visiting if going to see family or friends.
  7. Letter of invitation.
  8. Give information about where and who you will be stay with and how you will get there.
  9. Copy of student card or certification of employment.

Japan VISA application form for pakistani

Due to the fact that the process time is shorter than a lot of other visa requests, starting early before you trip can ensure that you have all the intended documentation submitted. This can provide a cushion for any unexpected blocks during the visa application process. Normally, the process takes close to 7 business days, but it is recommended to start earlier. Especially if you do not have your passport or need to renew it because that can take an additional few weeks to be processed and sent. 

After submitting your application. Either consult with a third-party agency that can set up an appointment for you with the Japanese Embassy or you set up the appointment yourself. Going through a third party requires a small fee while doing it yourself is free. After committing to a date, provide your email on the online form and wait for the confirmation email regarding your appointment. Place all the required documents in a folder or binder for your appointment.

The steps of the process are as follows:

  1. Signed application (don’t forget to make an extra copy).
  2. Set up appointment.
  3. Make sure all documents are ready.
  4. Be prompt for your Embassy appointment.
  5. Wait 5-7 business days to have visa delivered.

In conclusion, there are different types of visas right now, but from 2020 the system will change. The required authorization to enter the country will be an eVisa.