Japan VISA for Indonesian citizens

Planning a visit to Japan when coming from another country often times requires a visa in advance and a lot of documentation to show why, when, and if you are eligible to visit Japan. Finding the information online is easy, but not everyone has the time to pursue a visa. That is where a third-party company can help. The companies guide those in need with the process of retaining a visa for a Japan visit or stay. Below there are the details of the process to get a Japan visa for Indonesian citizens.

Indonesian natives have a set of guidelines to follow as well when it comes to visas to Japan. It is no different for those that are taking up residency while not being a native of the country. Often a visa is not needed when visiting Japan, but this is determined by the Japanese Embassy based on your letter of intent and visa application. Once a visa application is completed and signed, take a passport-sized photo, and have your valid passport before the visit. 

eVisa Japan

Do Indonesian citizens need a VISA for Japan?

For any extended stay that is over 15 days long, a visa is needed. Now, for those that are visiting for two weeks or less, only a waiver is needed. This is something separate from completing a visa. A visa does apply for students, leisure, business, and government officials. In those instances, the 15 days does not apply, and a visa is needed. Those already on a visa in Indonesia will need to specific on a new application for Japan about their travel nature to obtain a Japan visa for Indonesian. This holds true for those who hold a residency card from Indonesian but are also not Indonesian natives. Although, there are different visa, the process is the same. Below are the visas that one can apply for when it comes to a Japan visa. 

Long-term visas 

  • Business Visa for those going for employment reasons .
  • Transit Visa for those only stopping in Japan while traveling to another country.

Long-term visas 

  • Working Visa for those needing sponsorship in Japan to work.
  • General Visa for those looking for a leisure trip.
  • Specified Visa for children and spouses of native Japan citizens.
  • Diplomatic Visas for government officials only and require proof of clearance .

Apart from these types of visas, there is a Japanese eVisa. It will be implemented from 2020 for the Olympic Games. For this reason, when you visit this country as a tourist, you will need an eVisa.

Japan VISA requirements for Indonesian citizens

The requirements are shorter than in other countries. So, the list below is a detail-all of what you will need to apply. Occasionally, there is more information needed. For something that is required from you, fear not; just resubmit the additional documents. There may be a slight delay in your application, but it should not be by much. Unfortunately, there is no guarantee for the time frame beyond the standard 2 weeks. Here are the requirements: 

  1. A valid Indonesian passport – must have 2 blank visa pages.
  2. A signed Indonesian visa application form.
  3. A recent passport-sized photo.
  4. Proof of funds for duration of trip.
  5. Detailed travel plans and living accommodations.

Japan VISA application form for Indonesian

It is recommended for any visa to start about 90 days before your trip. Normally, the process takes about 2 weeks, but you can never prepare too early. There is no need to panic if your application doesn’t take the standard time as stated on visa websites. 

Finally, from 2020 Japan will require an eVisa approval to enter the country. Fortunately, you will apply for it through a simple online form.