Japan VISA for Indians

Japan, with 31 million visitors per year, is an attractive tourist destination from countries throughout the world. And owing to the moderate climate, and the relatively uncrowded and pastoral environment when you get out of big cities, Japan is a big hit for the growing amount on Indian tourists visiting Japan, which the Japanese National Tourist Organization says, is up 15 percent in the current year and during only the first six months of 2019, over 100,000 visitors from India took a sightseeing trip to Japan.

And in fact, all Nippon commenced direct flights from the Southern India city of Chennai to Tokyo this year, and the Japanese National Tourist Organization hosted two roadshows this year in both Mumbai and Ahmedabad, to spread the news that Indian tourists are more than welcome.

eVisa Japan 

Japan VISA requirements for indian citizens

If you wish to visit Japan under “temporary visitor status” which includes tourism, and you are fortunate to be a resident of 68 countries, including most of Europe, North America, parts of Latin America, parts of Asia as well as New Zealand or Australia, you don’t need any kind of pre-planned visa. Your passport is your VISA, and you will be given a VISA on demand at the airport. 

Unfortunately, citizens of India are not part of the list of 68 Visa Exempt countries, so if you want to visit Japan, you will need to obtain a VISA from the Japanese Embassy but in India, the Japanese Government makes it easy to submit an application, by going to one of 16 VISA Application Centers in:

  •  New Delhi 
  •  Gurugram 
  •  Chandigarh 
  •  Jalandhar 
  •  Jaipur 
  •  Kolkata 
  •  Mumbai 
  •  Pune 
  •  Ahmedabad 
  •  Goa 
  •  Bengaluru 
  •  Chennai 
  •  Puducherry 
  •  Hyderabad 
  •  Cochin 
  •  Thiruvananthapuram 

Applications for a Visa must normally go through these Indian Vacation Application Centers, which are not employees of the Japanese Consulate but do prepare everything for Japanese Consulate examination and approval or rejection. 

Applications take a minimum of four days to process, although it is recommended you not wait to the last minute, nor apply earlier than 45 days before your trip. 

Anyway from 2020 if you are from India, you will need only an eVisa to enter Japan. This application will be mandatory and the process will be very simple. It is not necessary to go to the embassy.

Japan VISA application form for indian

The first step is to go the  Japanese Visa Application Centers website  to find everything you will need for a temporary visa application. When you navigate there, take your time, as the website can be a little confusing. 

The first thing is to identify the type of Visa you wish to apply for, which is a temporary Visa for sightseeing, with or without a guarantor. What’s the difference? If your financials are a little shaky, you may need to have a Japanese guarantor, who will guarantee you have sufficient funds to visit Japan without a problem. 

Next, you need to identify the documents you will need. 

Documents include: 

  •  A valid passport with 2 blank pages. Also submit old passports if they are still in your possesion 
  •  A completely filled out and signed application form 
  •  A cover letter stating the purpose of your trip, and the day to day details, and if you are the owner of a company, it should be printed on your letterhead. 
  •  A detailed trip itinerary 
  •  One photograph, two inches by 2 inches. The photography should be taken within the last six months, be in color, with a white background, and be of good quality 
  •  Confirmed travel bookings for both flights and hotel stays 
  •  Copies of your bank book for the last three-months 
  •  A copy of your latest income tax return 
  •  If you are employed, proof your employer has approved your leave, or if you own the company, proof of ownership 
  •  If you are a student or dependent a. Consent from your parents or spouseb. A copy of your parent’s or spouses’ bank statement for the last three monthsc. A copy of your parent’s or spouses’ income tax statement. d. A copy of your student ID card 
  •  In case a dependent or spouse will accompany you to Japan, a copy of their birth certificate or marriage certificate 

Also note that whenever possible, original documents must be submitted, and invitations and company permissions should be on letterhead stationery. 

Another thing to keep in mind if you have any instances of dubious, criminal misbehavior, is that toward the end of the application are six security questions related to past crimes or convictions.

Asked are:

  •  Have you been convicted of a crime in any country ?
  •  Have you been sentenced for 1 year or more for a crime, even if the sentence was later suspended? 
  •  Have you been deported or removed from any country, for any reason? 
  •  Have you had any involvement with prostitution? 
  •  Have you been convicted or sentenced for any drug conviction in any country? 
  •  Have you been involved in human trafficking in any manner? 

There are many exciting things for Indians to do in Japan. Indians, in particular, adore amusement parks such as Disneyworld, shopping for technology-related gear such as computers, cellphones and technology, and at the same time, love the sheer amount of nature such as the Sandunes of Tottori, climbing Mt. Fuji, Kabira Bay, Nachi Falls or the bamboo groves of Arashiyama. 

Finally, we want to advise you that you will need to obtain only an eVisa to travel to Japan in the near future, not a visa. The online form will be available form 2020.