Japan VISA for Chinese

In Japan, the Chinese are required to have a visa upon visitation, or they are given the option to go to the embassy in Japan to fill out a visa or temporary visa that will allow the Chinese person to get a 15-30 day visa or e-visa to visit Japan. But the japan visa for chinese is used to allow the Chinese citizen to be able to work, live and travel through Japan after 30 days. To apply for a full visa, they need to go through the rigorous application process. This is also true for short-term visas; however, they require a shorter application process to complete. On the flip side of this, Americans and other nationalities are granted a 90-day short term visa while the Chinese are only allowed between 15 and 30 days for their visas.

eVisa Japan

Do chinese citizens need a VISA for Japan?

Chinese citizens DO need a visa to enter Japan. While other countries like the United States only require a passport, and they will have a visa-free stay so long as they have a return flight upon arrival. However, for the Chinese, their visa is a bit more challenging. For a Chinese Citizen to work or live in Japan, they need to fill out a visa for citizenship in Japan. This applies to everyone, not just the Chinese, but the Chinese do have to go through an extensive application process to visit and/or live in the country. So the Chinese do need a visa to even enter Japan and can get one at their Japanese embassy in China, or the Chinese embassy in Japan. They can also apply for a temporary visa or short-term visa for Chinese citizens like a group tourist visa. The group tourist visa allows for groups of Chinese tourists to visit the country for 15 days, the Chinese travel agencies will handle the visa, and they cannot leave the group within that time. There is also a business visa and transit visa. The business visa can only be applied to people who hold at least a managerial role, and at a corporation that meets the Japanese criteria. Finally, the transit visa is if the Chinese need to have a layover flight in Japan, and have to stay the night somewhere within the country. They need to apply for all of these, or they can apply for a temporary visa.

Important information: the Japanese Government has announced a new mandatory requirement. An eVisa will be necessary to enter the country in 2020. The process will be simple, you can apply for it through an online form. For this reason, from 2020 the traditional visa will not necessary if you travel for tourism.

Japan VISA requirements for chinese

The Chinese citizens need to apply for a temporary, or short-term visa’s that last 30-90 days. The requirements are as follows, the Chinese citizen must comply with background checks and immigration statuses to ensure that they are crime-free and that they didn’t violate any immigration laws. They also need their passports, fill in all the applicable information from your passport (Name, birthdate, expiration of the visa, etc.), as well as having a detailed list of where they’re entering, leaving from, their purpose of travel along with the dates of travel, and their place of stay during their time in Japan. They need to fill out all of their information and have relevance to current times. Their passports have to be up to date, and there can’t be any inconsistencies. This ensures to the Japanese that the Chinese are not criminally coming into the country to hurt the Japanese populous. On top of this after 90 days if they are approved for the visa, they will need to reapply for another visa, but after the short-term visa expires, the Chinese citizens need either a Business visa, transit visa, or a group tourist visa in order to come into Japan unless they fill out all of the requirements of the full visa for them to be able to stay in Japan long-term. 

Certainly, when you have to apply for an eVisa (from 2020), you will fill an online form. The only requirements will be some personal data (address, birth date, etc.), the passport information and answer some security questions. 

Japan VISA application form for chinese citizens

For a Chinese citizen to apply for a Japanese visa, they need a valid Chinese passport that has at least two blank pages. They also need to have a completed visa form, and pay the application fee for the submission of the visa form. They need to have all of their personal information on the form as to allow for a thorough background check to ensure that criminals from China are not allowed into Japan. They also must have a recent passport-sized photo in order to be able to apply, and the photo has to have a white background in order to be relevant, they also need to be able to provide a proof of financial means form that shows that they have the funds for the amount of time that they live within the country. They also need to have a detailed travel plan that goes along with their visa including the dates they are staying in the country, the locations in which they are staying or visiting, any contact person must be labeled on the form, as well as where they will be staying, the price of stay, and if they have any relatives or friends in the country. 

For Chinese citizens, it is hard to get a visa into Japan, not entirely sure why, but other countries passports don’t work the same way. A japan visa for chinese people is the only way they can get into the country. Even if the Chinese people have to also apply for a visa if they are going to have an overnight stay in the country. They can get into the country via a business visa, as long as they are management or higher, and their company works in Japan as well as China. The only other way besides applying for a 15, 30, or 90-day visa is to go on a group tourist travel, and that is taken care of by the Chinese travel agency and they must stay in their group. So the Chinese do need a visa to visit or live in Japan, and they are limited on what they can do while in the country. 

Finally, it is necessary to know the new requirement in the near future: Japanese eVisa, so from 2020 you will need an eVisa, not a visa.