How to get Internet in Japan?

We know that is difficult to travel without internet. For this reason, we will tell you how to get internet in Japan.

Currently, the truth is that we do not imagine traveling without internet on the mobile. Fortunately, there is wifi everywhere. Anyway if you can not live without internet, we recommend you to buy a SIM Card.

It will be useful to search for hotel addresses, restaurant reviews, japan guide, Google Maps, etc.

SIM Card

We inform you that there are different ways to have internet while traveling in Japan, but we suggest you buy a SIM card before leaving home.

It is an advantage because unlike the wifi pocket, you do not have to carry any device, keep it with battery and take care of it.

We recommend you to buy your SIM card before you leave on your trip. After, insert it in your mobile when you arrive in Japan and follow a few quick instructions.

There are different types of cards for 7, 8 or 15 days depending on your trip.


  1. Unlimited data.
  2. The process is very fast so you don’t waste time on your trip to Japan.
  3. If your mobile phone has the option to share the internet, you can share data with the rest of the people.
  4. Help 24 hours.

Another important thing is that you have to have a free cell phone to be able to put in a SIM card from another company.

In conclusion, buying a SIM Card is one of the best options for your trip to Japan. We wish you enjoy your experience in this wonderful Asian country!