How does the Japanese population sleep?

One of the curiosities of Japanese culture is the way of sleeping. For decades, the Japanese sleep in futons but you can also find standard beds in places such as hotels.

Certainly, if you travel to Japan do not worry as you will easily find tourist establishments with beds.

Next, we have answered the question: how does the Japanese population sleep?

Japanese tatami

Japanese houses have a tatami, a reed mat that covers the floor of the dining room and the bethrooms. This area can not be stepped on with shoes, it must be stepped barefoot or with socks. For this reason, the futon is on the tatami.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the scarce space that exists in Japanese houses due to the overpopulation of the country. Thus, many people live in extremely small spaces.

Other curiosities

An interesting curiosity is the Japanese custom of falling asleep in public places. This custom is called inemuri, sleep being present.

The Japanese sleep anywhere due to their rhythm of life and they use every free minute to rest.

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