Hanami macarons

If you want to cook a great hanami macarons, pay attention to this Japanese recipe.


  • 110g almond flour
  • 220g icing sugar
  • 110g egg whites (after 8 hours at room temperature covered with film paper)
  • 30g red sugar
  • coloring gel
  • 14-15 sakura flowers macerated in salt
  • white chocolate ganache for the filling


First, sift almond flour well with icing sugar. Then, beat the egg whites until stiff and add the sugar and coloring. Now mix little by little and be careful not to break the egg whites too much the mixture of flour with sugar. After, helping you with a pastry sleeve we make the macarons on a specialized mat or trying that they all have the same size. Beat the baking tray to remove the air bubbles. Then, let them rest until the top layer is dry and smooth. Between one and two hours. Before macarons harden while they are still soft, wash and drain the sakura flowers well and place one in each macaron pressing very gently so that it does not break. Finally, preheat the oven to 150ยบ and bake for approximately 13 minutes. Don’t take the macarons off the mat until they cool well. Stuffed with ganache every macaron.

When you finish the process you will get between 14 and 15 macarons.


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