Customs you didn’t know when you visit Japan

Visiting Japan is a dream for many people who love discovering new places. This country is technologically very developed. It is a very culturally rich country, is a leader in preserving the traditions of its ancestors.

Travelling to Japan is difficult, the customs are different. For this reason, you have to learn before the trip.

The common customs in your country of origin could be a real crime and offense in Japan. See below some things that you should do or change when you arrive:

Tips do not exist

If you are from Europe or America, you will know if the client gives a tip is because he or she is satisfied with the treatment received. The opposite happens in the Asian world. For the Japanese, this action is considered a serious offense.

Make noise when you eat

Generally, when people make noise when they eat is poorly educated. In Japan, make noise is a signal that you are enjoying the food and do not make noise is a negative signal.

Do not eat on the street, but if it is ice cream you can

Eating while you are walking on the street is considered a negative action because you have to eat in close places. Although, if it is an ice cream it is well seen.

Use good socks

When you arrive in Japan you have to barefoot everywhere. They will be angry if you do not understand and respect their culture.

Silence on the train

You cannot eat, talk or us the mobile due to is like a ritual for Japanese people.

If you undestand these tips and you try to respect the japanese customs, you will go to Japan in a safe way.