Complete guide to travel to Japan

We want to help you to prepare your trip to Japan, one of the most beautiful places in the world. Do not miss the complete guide to travel to Japan!

Japan is the ideal place to get to know in person, like the most ancestral tradition and the most extreme modernity.

Everything mentioned above, combined with a fascinating culture and incredibly educated people, makes this destination a successful option.

Get ready to enjoy one of the most incredible countries in the world!

You can enjoy incredible traditions in almost every corner. Likewise, modernity is sometimes overwhelming and restaurants that are hard to forget. This will undoubtedly bring you unforgettable moments that will make you return to Japan.

When to travel to Japan?

Every season is a good time to travel to Japan, though there are undoubtedly two special moments of the year: spring and fall, when the country is decorated with colors.

Colorful Japanese spring

We must also remember that in spring there is a tradition of observing the beauty of flowers. This tradition is known as Hanami. Generally, this word is associated with the moment when cherry blossoms and Japanese flowers enter.
Also, keep in mind that Hanami is a very short process that usually does not take several days. It occurs on specific dates each year, according to the data of many meteorological factors of the Japan Meteorological Agency.

During the Christmas season, Japan is cold but nothing that can not stand. When the hot months arrive, many people wonder if they should travel, due to the idea that the temperatures are unbearable. Some friends who have been in months like July or August say that the temperature did not prevent them from doing anything during the trip.

Accommodation in Japan

Accommodation in Japan is cheaper than you think. It usually does not exceed 50 euros per room in mid-range hotels if you book in advance. Most of the hotels have rooms with all the comforts, although they are generally small.

We recommend that you stay at least for a few days in a ryokan, the traditional Japanese accommodation. We did it in Miyajima, and we must say that it is a highly recommended option.

Tips for travelling to Japan

As in any destination, knowing tips or specific recommendations facilitates the planning of trips and itineraries.
For this reason, after our trips to Japan, we wanted to gather what we consider fundamental and necessary to make the most of the trip.

Routes in Japan

Although we know that Japan is not a small country and that there are many places to visit, we understand that most travelers choose to travel to Japan for the first time for a period of two to three weeks.
Among the places frequented by tourists are Kyoto, Tokyo, Osaka, Miyajima, Hiroshima and many times the region of the Japanese Alps, which also includes Takayama and Shirakawa-go.

During our 18 days of travel to Japan, we included all these places: first we went to Kyoto and its surroundings, then to Hiroshima and Miyajima, Takayama and Shirakawa-go, and then we finished the trip in the amazing Tokyo.

If the above mentioned could adapt to your days, we believe that this itinerary is ideal for travelers who travel to Japan for the first time and wish to enjoy its tourist attractions.

Transport in Japan

One of the most frequently asked questions when planning a trip to Japan is about transport.
Although there are usually doubts about the metro and bus, especially in Kyoto, most questions arise when booking the 7, 14 or 21-day JRP, including shipping costs.

Transport in Japan

Is it expensive to travel to Japan?

Known as one of the most sought after tourist destinations by travelers, Japan is sometimes considered a very expensive country.

This is one of the aspects that make many travelers abandon their idea of traveling to this country.
Although Japan is not a particularly economical and prohibitive country, the accommodation booked in advance and the food is much cheaper than you might think.

Japanese Gastronomy

If you are a fan of gastronomy, Japan will be the eternal paradise for you. Forget the popular belief that you can only eat raw fish and prepare to enjoy an explosion of flavours and textures like never before.

Japanese Gastronomy

Travel insurance for travelling to Japan

If you decide to travel to Japan, there is nothing better than hiring good travel insurance and more in a destination like this, where health services are very high. A medical visit can cost between five hundred and several thousand dollars.