35 people die in Kyoto Animation Studios fire

The number of deaths increases

The number of deaths increases

We would like to inform you about the misfortune that occurred in Kyoto. Two weeks ago a fire broke out in the Kyoto Animation Studios. Unfortunately, the number of deaths increases. Now, there are a total of 35 people died.

After the investigation and the inspections in the suspect’s house, the professionals found materials produced and manufactured in the study. For this reason, he is directly related to the study.

The police have identified the suspect and his name is Shinji Aoba. He was previously sentenced in 2012 to three and a half years in prision for robbing a store in Chiba prefecture. In addition, after leaving prison, he received treatment for mental illness.

How did the fire develop?

The fire started when Aoba entered with a cart with a bucket of gasoline to the entrance of the building. Then, he poured the contents on the ground and set fire to the cry of “moríos”.

Finally, Aoba immediately confessed his crime to the police. He confirmed that he had started the fire because he believed that the studio had stolen his novel.

Unfortunately, the fire immediately spread throughout the building where 73 people worked. Only seven people were able to escape unharmed.

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Japan wants to dominate football worldwide

Japan wants to dominate football worldwide

Japan aims to win the World Cup in 2050

First of all, we want to inform you that Japan wants to dominate football worldwide and win the World Cup 2050 with its star players Hiroki Abe and Takefusa Kubo.

Currently, Hiroki Abe, the young talent of Kashima Antlers has signed for the FC Barcelona, and Takefusa Kubo is doing the preseason with Real Madrid. They are part of the ambitious plan with which Japan aims to win the FIFA World Cup.

The rise of Japanese football

These two japanese football players confirm the rise of Japanese football. Certainly, its presence in European leagues is increasing considerably in recent years.

The president of the J-League, Mitsuru Murai, has confirmed that the main objective of Japan is to build a team capable of winning the competition in 2050 and to consolidate its own ligue able to compete with European leagues.

On the other hand, the signings of stars Fernando Torres, David Villa and Andrés Iniesta are also part of the growth strategy of Japanese football.

In addition, the J-League has created a programme to develop national talent. All clubs participating in the competition are obliged to develop their own players. After that, the first team must always field at least two junior players and one under 21 years of age.

Thinking about a promising future

The president of the J-League said that they want to become the fourth world league in 2030.

Also, the good work of Japanese grassroots football has also resulted in a greater presence in the five major European leagues. This development can be seen in the 14 Japanese players currently playing in the top competitions of continental football: the Bundesliga; La Liga; the Premier League; and the French League.

In conclusion, it is a fact that Japan wants to dominate football worldwide. They have a very clear and definite idea of their future.

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Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections

Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections

The strength of Abe’s coalition

It is a fact that Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections 2019. The elections will be held on July 21.

As a note, Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) form a coalition with Komeito. They expect to win more than 63 seats. Anyway, according to a survey, they could win up to 77 seats.

Also, other surveys have shown that the parties in the prime minister’s coalition have a good chance of winning most of the seats and affirms that Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections.

In Japan, the Upper House Elections are held every three years for half of the seats and members serve six-year terms. Last year’s reforms will raise the number of seats to 245 and in this elections, 124 will be elected.

Abe has confirmed that the objective of the PLD and its coalition party is retaining the majority of seats. For this reason, the two parties only need to win 53 seats to achieve the 70 they have.

Finally, we inform you that the Prime Minister has led his party to victory in five national elections since 2012. He is close to becoming the longest-serving prime minister in Japan if he stays until November.

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Japan will seek to collect samples from this asteroid on 11th July

Japan asteroid


The Japanese spacecraft Hayabusa 2 will touch the surface of the asteroid Ryugu for the second time. Japan will seek to collect samples from this asteroid on 11th July. The aim is collecting material ejected from the subsoil by the detonation of an explosive.

Currently, the team is carefully examining and reviewing landing operation plans. This way they can safely pick up material from Ryugu’s subsoil, the mission reports on its Twitter account.

According to the authorities, unless the spacecraft does not land this year, it could experience difficulties due to the increasing temperatures of the asteroids.


The spacecraft first landed in Ryugu in February, several months behind schedule due to problems with the rocky surface. This second landing was scheduled for May. Unfortunately, it has been delayed until the most favourable place to touch the ground was found.

However, Jaxa managed to drop a target marker on Ryugu’s surface by bringing the spacecraft within 9 meters of the asteroid.

The Japanese Space Agency (JAXA) believes that the Ryugu subsoil contains organic substances and water with traces of the primitive solar system.

Hayabusa 2 will also study the asteroid’s internal structure. It will observe the surface before and after the collision of the projectile. In addition, it will acquire the necessary data for planetary collision science.

Hayabusa 2 launched in December 2014 from the Tanegashima Space Center, in the southwest of the Japanese territory,  and arrived in Ryugu last June after travelling 340 million kilometers.

Return to Earth

The return of Hayabusa 2 to Earth is expected to be in November or December. Thus, it will coincide with the return of the descent capsule of the mission scheduled for the end of 2020 in Australia, where the recovery teams will collect samples for analysis in laboratories in Japan and the United States.

The Japanese elections 2021

The Japan elections 2021

Elections will be held in the Upper House

It is true that Japan has suffered certain changes and the opposition has grown. For this reason, we have titled this article: “The Japanese elections 2021“.

We confirm that the Japanese authorities indicated that the elections to the Upper House were on 21 July. They announced it after the opposition announced that they will present a motion of censure. Obviously, they are against the government of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Also, Abe could call early elections for the House of Representatives. He wants that the Lower House elections coincide with the triennial elections for the Upper House.

In the first moment, the Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) coalition expects to maintain its majority in the Upper House even if its presence reduces.

Certainly, on June 22, the leader of the Democratic Constitutional Party of Japan (PDCJ), Yukio Edano, reached an agreement with the other opposition parties. They want to file a motion of censure against the prime minister’s government.

The PDCJ has explained that the aim is to stage the political confrontation of the opposition against the government with a motion. They will try to present it this Monday, July 1, in the House of Representatives, the Japanese Parliament, etc.

When will the general elections 2021 be held?

It is programmed that the next elections will be held on 22 October 2021. It will be this date unless they call a snap election.

Definitely, Japan is in a difficult situation, since there is a great diversity of opinions.

We will keep you informed about the news of the Japanese elections 2021.

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We hope this information has been useful and interesting for you!