Enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan!

Enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan

Japanese Christmas traditions

First of all, if you want to live a different and unique experience, we recommend you enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan. Certainly, Christmas day is not a holiday in Japan, due to the most important celebrations are the New Year’s Eve and the New Year. Anyway, you can live and enjoy the previous preparation days.

Christmas in Japan

Despite not celebrating Christmas day, the Japanese have adapted this celebration in their own way. You can enjoy this day in Tokyo, Kyoto and other places.

The most traditional way of representing Christmas is through lights and lighting assemblies. For example, there are important representations in Tokyo: the Omotesando Street in Harajuku; the Marunouchi area near Tokyo station; the Ginza neighborhood; etc. Also, you can find some Christmas markets to buy wine and hot chocolate.

As a curiosity, on Christmas day the Japanese usually eat at the KFC. Anyway, you can make a reservation in a restaurant and enjoy a romantic night.

The most typical Christmas candy in Japan is the Christmas cake, a cream cake with strawberries. If you are in Tokyo, you can buy this dessert in Daimaru Tokyo, Cozy Corner, Fujiya or Patisserie Coco Ange. On the other hand, if you are in Kyoto, you can buy this dessert in Lamartine, Qu’il Fait Bon, Daimaru Kyoto or Tous les Deux.

New Year’s Eve in Japan

The Japanese spend the last night of the year in a temple to hear the 108 Buddhist bells. This celebration is called “Joya no kane”.

On the one hand, the most important temples in Tokyo are: Azabusan Zenpukuji Temple, Zojoji Temple, Honsenji Temple, Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Zojoji Temple and Yoyogisan Unshoji Temple.

On the other hand, the most important temples in Kyoto are: Kiyomizudera Temple, Daikakuji Temple, Nanzenji Temple, Chionin Temple and Shinyodo Temple.

In addition, after welcoming the New Year, most citizens go to the sanctuary to make their first visit of the year. This is known as the hatsumode.

Also, one of the modern New Year traditions in Japan is to buy the bags of lucky fukubukuro.

In conclusion, we recommend you to enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan because it is a very good experience to meet other cultures.

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The most famous pet cafes in Tokyo

The most famous pet cafes in Tokyo

Pet cafes: an essential tourist stop

Today, there are many establishments dedicated to the hospitality industry that have pets inside the premises. Certainly, it is becoming to be more popular in European countries like Spain or the United Kingdom, although the most famous pet cafes are in Tokyo.

The appearance of this type of cafes is related to the strict code of conduct that Japan demands from its citizens. Apartment owners do not allow their tenants to have pets for a proper life.

For this reason, they decided to create pet establishments that offer the possibility of interacting with animals while customers relax with a drink or snack.

Tokyo’s Animal Cafes

Next, we recommend you some good cafes:

  1. Mame Shiba: this cafe is famous for its dogs of breed Shiba Inu. The entrance fee is 880 yen which includes being able to be with the dogs for 30 minutes and a drink.
  2. Tokyo Snake Center: this cafe allows you to share a table with a snake. The price is 1000 yen per person and includes drinks, snacks and choose one of the snakes.
  3. Penguin Bar Ikebukuro: inside this local you can enjoy your drink watching little penguins.
  4. Cat cafe Nekorobi: this place is one of the best cafes for cat lovers. The entrance costs 1300 yen and includes a drink.
  5. Sra. Bunny: this cafe has a dozen bunnies and some hedgehogs. The entrance is about 1000 yen for 30 minutes.
  6. Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village: in this cafe you can play, watch and relax with owls.

Finally, there are a lot of cafes with animals in Tokyo, but this business model is expanding around the world. In this article, we have named you the most famous pet cafes in Tokyo, but who says that in a few months they will not be those from another country.

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How does the Japanese population sleep?

How does the Japanese population sleep?

The Japanese style of sleeping

One of the curiosities of Japanese culture is the way of sleeping. For decades, the Japanese sleep in futons but you can also find standard beds in places such as hotels.

Certainly, if you travel to Japan do not worry as you will easily find tourist establishments with beds.

Next, we have answered the question: how does the Japanese population sleep?

The famous tatamis, how does the Japanese population sleep?

Japanese houses have a tatami, a reed mat that covers the floor of the dining room and the bethrooms. This area can not be stepped on with shoes, it must be stepped barefoot or with socks. For this reason, the futon is on the tatami.

In addition, it is necessary to mention the scarce space that exists in Japanese houses due to the overpopulation of the country. Thus, many people live in extremely small spaces.

Other curiosities

An interesting curiosity is the Japanese custom of falling asleep in public places. This custom is called inemuri, sleep being present.

The Japanese sleep anywhere due to their rhythm of life and they use every free minute to rest.

Finally, we wish you luck in your next trip to Japan and do not forget to know the Japan visa types to enter the country. Anyway, if you travel for tourism, you just need a Japan tourist visa.