The Zamami Island and the ocean “Kerama Blue”

Zamami Island and the ocean Kerama Blue

The Okinawa Prefecture and its dozens of small islands

Okinawa is Japan’s southernmost prefecture and it is divided into three major island groups: the Okinawa Islands, the Miyako Islands and the Yaeyama Islands. Anyway, in this article, we talk about the Zamami Island and the ocean “Kerama Blue” located in Kerama Islands, one group of the Okinawa Islands.

A paradise to discover away from the crowd

Zamami Island is surrounded by the ocean “Kerama Blue”. It has crystal clear waters, white sand, a great variety of corals and endless marine species. Certainly, it is paradisiac island.

The best time to visit the territory is between May and October. Anyway, if you want to see whales, you must come between January and March.

On the other hand, you must take a ferry in Tamarin (Naha) to access the island. You can use the traditional ferry that lasts 2 hours or the express ferry that is faster. Once there, you can use the bus, the taxi or rent a bike.

The economy of the island is based on tourism, specifically snorkelling, scuba diving and kayaking.

What to do in Zamami Island?

Firstly, we recommend you visit its two famous beaches: the Furuzamami beach, attractive for its white sand and clear water, and the Ama Beach where you can see turtles. The first one is the main beach of the island where you can find some tourism agencies. They offer water activities like paddlesurf, snorkel, boat rides, etc. Certainly, some people rent a kayak to explore the rest of the small islands.

Also, you can visit three important observatories:

  • Takatsuki Observatory, located on the hill of Zamami population.
  • Kaminohama Observatory, which offers views of the two desert islands of Gahi and Agenashiku.
  • Inazaki Observatory, located in the north of the island with views to the rugged north coast.

In addition, you have to taste the Japanese, Occidental and Okinawan food. Some of the best restaurants are:

  • Marumiya: favourite restaurant for locals. There are traditional dishes like the rafute and the jimami.
  • La Toque: the typical ingredient is swordfish (Kajiki).
  • The Urizun.
  • Others: Izakaya Santa, Torajir o, Ao No Umi, Nanamaru and Bar zoz.

Usually, tourists come to the island to sight tortoises and whales. These animals comes during winter to reproduce.

In conclusion, if you want to visit a less touristy place in Japan, Zamami Island and its surroundings are a perfect place. Note that the tourist in Japan needs visa, so you should apply for an evisa Japan in your next trip.

An unforgettable experience in the Toyosu Fish Market

An unforgettable experience in the Toyosu Fish Market

The old Tsukiji Market and the new Toyosu Fish Market

Tsukiji Market was famous for its large tuna auctions. This market was built in 1935 and closed in October 2018 due to the size of the enclosure. For this reason, the internal market moved to Toyosu Fish Market. Certainly, it is the largest fish and marine products market in the world.

Next, we explain some things about the new market and we give you some recommendations.

Toyosu Fish Market

The Toyosu Market has three main buildings: the wholesale market building where they sell and auction seafood; the intermediate building where there are retailers and restaurants; and the building of fruits and vegetables.

Now, the facilities are much more organized to prevent tourists from interrupting and interfering with auctions. There are some walkways and viewpoints around the building to maintain a certain security. Also, there are some good restaurants like Sushi Dai and Daiwa Sushi.

In addition, they have enabled a glazed room to enjoy the auctions. In order to access this room, you must request it through the web at least 1 month in advance.

The market opens from 5 am to 5 pm and closes on Wednesdays, Sundays and holidays. Also, admission is totally free and you can visit the roof garden to enjoy the cityscape of Tokyo.

Currently it is said that it looks more like a museum than a market. Certainly, Japan is the country that catches more tuna in the world.

Other interesting japanese markets

There are other types of market that are interesting if you travel to Japan. For example:

Finally, whether or not you had the opportunity to visit the old Tsukiji Market, we recommend you to visit the new Toyosu Fish Market. It is an essential stop if you travel to Japan.

Please, keep in mind that from 2020 you must apply for a Japan application form to enter the country.

The famous Japanese recipe of Dorayakis

The famous Japanese recipe of Dorayakis

Dorayakis, the most popular sweet in Japan

Currently, we can affirm that practically all countries consume Japanese food. Certainly, sushi and ramen are two very popular dishes in Japan and increasingly in other parts of the world. Even so, the most traditional dishes of Japanese culinary culture are still unknown. For this reason, we want to give you the famous Japanese recipe of Dorayakis.

Dorayaki is known worldwide for being Doraemon’s favourite sweet. It was invented in 1914 by the Usagiya pastry shop in Tokyo. Nowadays, the establishment is a place of pilgrimage for many fans of this cake.

The famous Dorayaki recipe

The Dorayaki consists of two circular biscuits filled with anko (candied red bean). Also, you can fill them with chestnut cream, jam, chocolate, fruit, etc. The recipe is very easy and quick to prepare.

Ingredients for the dough

  • 2 eggs
  • 25 g of sugar
  • 80 ml of water
  • 150 g of flavour
  • 60 g of honey
  • 5 g of baking powder

Ingredients for the filling

  • 70 g of red beans
  • 5 g of glucose
  • 60 g of sugar
  • Pinch of salt

Procedure for the dough

First of all, you must take a large recipient. Then, you must pour the flour, sugar and eggs, and stir everything very well. When mixed, you have to add the yeast, water and honey.

Secondly, you must beat all the ingredients with a blender until you get a completely homogeneous mixture. The mixture should have a semi-liquid consistency.

After that, you should let the dough cool in the fridge for 20-30 minutes.

Next, heat some oil in a pan over medium heat. Use a ladle to pour some dough into the pan and when bubbles start coming out, turn it over.

Finally, when the biscuits are cooked, you must stack them 2 in 2 and then fill them.

Procedure for the filling

Firstly, you must put the red bean soak for 12 hours. Then, you must put the beans to boil for 30 minutes and strain them.

Next, you must bring the beans back to a boil and incorporate the glucose and sugar. These should be cooked until you get a homogeneous paste.

Finally, you can put the filling between two biscuits and get a perfect Doriyaki!

We hope you will be encouraged to cook the famous Japanese recipe of Dorayakis with your family! Anyway, we recommend you come to Japan and taste the traditional dorayakis.

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Enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan!

Enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan

Japanese Christmas traditions

First of all, if you want to live a different and unique experience, we recommend you enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan. Certainly, Christmas day is not a holiday in Japan, due to the most important celebrations are the New Year’s Eve and the New Year. Anyway, you can live and enjoy the previous preparation days.

Christmas in Japan

Despite not celebrating Christmas day, the Japanese have adapted this celebration in their own way. You can enjoy this day in Tokyo, Kyoto and other places.

The most traditional way of representing Christmas is through lights and lighting assemblies. For example, there are important representations in Tokyo: the Omotesando Street in Harajuku; the Marunouchi area near Tokyo station; the Ginza neighborhood; etc. Also, you can find some Christmas markets to buy wine and hot chocolate.

As a curiosity, on Christmas day the Japanese usually eat at the KFC. Anyway, you can make a reservation in a restaurant and enjoy a romantic night.

The most typical Christmas candy in Japan is the Christmas cake, a cream cake with strawberries. If you are in Tokyo, you can buy this dessert in Daimaru Tokyo, Cozy Corner, Fujiya or Patisserie Coco Ange. On the other hand, if you are in Kyoto, you can buy this dessert in Lamartine, Qu’il Fait Bon, Daimaru Kyoto or Tous les Deux.

New Year’s Eve in Japan

The Japanese spend the last night of the year in a temple to hear the 108 Buddhist bells. This celebration is called “Joya no kane”.

On the one hand, the most important temples in Tokyo are: Azabusan Zenpukuji Temple, Zojoji Temple, Honsenji Temple, Ikegami Honmonji Temple, Tsukiji Honganji Temple, Zojoji Temple and Yoyogisan Unshoji Temple.

On the other hand, the most important temples in Kyoto are: Kiyomizudera Temple, Daikakuji Temple, Nanzenji Temple, Chionin Temple and Shinyodo Temple.

In addition, after welcoming the New Year, most citizens go to the sanctuary to make their first visit of the year. This is known as the hatsumode.

Also, one of the modern New Year traditions in Japan is to buy the bags of lucky fukubukuro.

In conclusion, we recommend you to enjoy a Christmas holiday in Japan because it is a very good experience to meet other cultures.

If you finally decide to travel to Japan this Christmas, do not forget to apply for japanese visa. This transaction will be mandatory to travel to Japan in 2020.

The most famous pet cafes in Tokyo

The most famous pet cafes in Tokyo

Pet cafes: an essential tourist stop

Today, there are many establishments dedicated to the hospitality industry that have pets inside the premises. Certainly, it is becoming to be more popular in European countries like Spain or the United Kingdom, although the most famous pet cafes are in Tokyo.

The appearance of this type of cafes is related to the strict code of conduct that Japan demands from its citizens. Apartment owners do not allow their tenants to have pets for a proper life.

For this reason, they decided to create pet establishments that offer the possibility of interacting with animals while customers relax with a drink or snack.

Tokyo’s Animal Cafes

Next, we recommend you some good cafes:

  1. Mame Shiba: this cafe is famous for its dogs of breed Shiba Inu. The entrance fee is 880 yen which includes being able to be with the dogs for 30 minutes and a drink.
  2. Tokyo Snake Center: this cafe allows you to share a table with a snake. The price is 1000 yen per person and includes drinks, snacks and choose one of the snakes.
  3. Penguin Bar Ikebukuro: inside this local you can enjoy your drink watching little penguins.
  4. Cat cafe Nekorobi: this place is one of the best cafes for cat lovers. The entrance costs 1300 yen and includes a drink.
  5. Sra. Bunny: this cafe has a dozen bunnies and some hedgehogs. The entrance is about 1000 yen for 30 minutes.
  6. Owl Cafe & Bar Owl Village: in this cafe you can play, watch and relax with owls.

Finally, there are a lot of cafes with animals in Tokyo, but this business model is expanding around the world. In this article, we have named you the most famous pet cafes in Tokyo, but who says that in a few months they will not be those from another country.

We recommend you to travel to Japan and discover these peculiar establishments very different from the rest of cultures. In case you are planning your trip, you will need to apply for japanese visa to enter the country from 2020.