Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections

It is a fact that Japan’s Prime Minister Shinzo Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections 2019. The elections will be held on July 21.

As a note, Abe’s Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) form a coalition with Komeito. They expect to win more than 63 seats. Anyway, according to a survey, they could win up to 77 seats.

Also, other surveys have shown that the parties in the prime minister’s coalition have a good chance of winning most of the seats and affirms that Abe wins a solid majority in the Upper House Elections.

In Japan, the Upper House Elections are held every three years for half of the seats and members serve six-year terms. Last year’s reforms will raise the number of seats to 245 and in this elections, 124 will be elected.

Abe has confirmed that the objective of the PLD and its coalition party is retaining the majority of seats. For this reason, the two parties only need to win 53 seats to achieve the 70 they have.

Finally, we inform you that the Prime Minister has led his party to victory in five national elections since 2012. He is close to becoming the longest-serving prime minister in Japan if he stays until November.

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